My name is not Inga…

14 Feb

Interesting this, buildning a new blog. I feel like I’m doing it every now and then actually. To be frank I created a blog last month that was going to be my own artistical blog, but found out I’m not going to be able to blog personal stuff on it, so I created this blog as a compliment to the other.

I have so much to say, and I wanna share my thoughts about being a Swede living in the cold north of Sweden and how life is over here, both in sarcastic ways and in appreciative ways. What is life like in Sweden, how does a Swede think about things and what is up in Sweden right now.

I’m blogging about my life and my thoughts. Filosopher at heart I am.

And no, my name is not Inga, I’m not blonde, but I do have blue eyes. My name is Linda, but the name is not Swedish but hails from Spanish and means “beautiful”, I am 157 cm long and not a tall amazon woman.

But I am ethnic Swede anyway, isn’t that funny?

Hope you like my blog, and plz feel free to share your thoughts with me, small or great.



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