Valentines left overs

15 Feb

Not everybody celebrates home coming from the gym with a glass of wine, but I do. Valentines wine left overs along with late lunch. Lucky me, I don’t own a bag-in-box, I’d be an alcoholic then. Nah, I could never make it, being an alcoholic. I rarely drink more than 2 glasses of wine in a row, simply because the first glasses taste the best. It better be a really good wine if I’d drink more than 2 glasses.

Just felt pissed of today, anxiety and sheit too, but I went to the gym anyway. I actually work at the gym occasionally, in the desk mostly. Before, I paid to exercise there, but now I can do my workout for free, which feels kinda great. And meeting my colleges was a turning point today, they’re so funny and made my mood peek upwards instead of downwards.

But yet, I feel kinda bad today. Hopefully it’ll go away. Btw, as I ran on the thread mill a woman beside me fell off! Luckily she wasn’t hurt. Everytime I run I’m afraid I’ll someday slip too!

Oh, I got lovely flowers from my BF yesterday. 10 red roses. ❤


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