17 Feb

Yesterdays work was actually really fun and my mood changed quickly. I guess it helps to have good colleges and customers! I also felt very helpful and positive against the customers, I think it helps that I learn more and more stuff as time goes by. Yesterday was progression day. But how difficult the administration part is! I know pretty well how to handle the cash check now and also how to book and cancel the customers activities, the prices, opening times, etc. But some things are really really difficult. But I like it more and more, I think it is because I like ppl and training.

I’d soooo wanna be a gym instructor or instructor in some other sport/activity. I’m going to ask my boss next time I meet him, if he’d let me. Today I feel quite positive!

Looking at the pic, I miss my long hair a little. A month ago I cut it 27 cm. But then again, gotta move on sometime… 😉

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