25 Feb

A friend of mine, who surround herself with strange ppl, asked me one day: “Do you think I am strange? I feel so out of place. I try to define my feelings towards ppl, ask myself why I react badly, when they don’t. Sometimes I ask myself if I am sick in the head or if I have a psychical disease.”

I felt the very same way before. Whole my life I felt so out of place, and it culminated a couple of years ago. My best friends tried to shake some sense into me, but I had to wake up myself to see how it was. And guess what, I am not the one who’s sick, and probably no-one else was eighter. It was just the way it was, the ghost that were hauting ppl, that made them interact with each other in a certain way.

So, to my friend, you’re not sick in the head. We all just have to find a way to interact with certain ppl and this is easier said than done…


One Response to “Emotion/sickness”

  1. Andreas February 28, 2011 at 4:38 am #

    Beautiful written, that person may be very proud to have you in her/his life!

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