Sleepy time

27 Feb

Tired, but not giving up! Today I’ve felt quite bad actually; kinda sick. Extreme fatigue, nausea and … just bad. Now I feel quite okay though. Just wanted to throw in a short note before I go to sleep. Went training today and already I have ache in my legs, haha. But at least it’s a new start. Been a naughty girl lately, not been training so well as I should. But now I have to do this if I’m gonna be in shape for summer and spring. And also I should really get tanned, I’m extremely pale.

Thinking of a new hair colour since I undyed my hair last week. Thinking that I want to make my hair blonder, but I don’t know if it’s possible due to the extreme amount black, red and violet dye that is still left in my poor hair. I guess I have to do an experiment…


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