My arty interest

28 Feb

I love to draw and yesterday I found my old drawings I made in high school and a couple of years after that. This was before I gave up drawing actually. I didn’t draw for years, but last summer I finally found inspiration again and started drawing a little again.

I am not a professional, and I already live with an amazing artist, so I don’t feel like I have to impress. I am rather the one who gets impressed by others. And believe me, my fiance is really amazing in several arty things; like music and drawing. Sometimes I wish I was like him, simply because I would need it to express myself in a good way.

A couple of days ago I draw a picture inspired by the amazing artist of Tara McPherson, my latest inspiration in the art world. There are many great artists out there, but only a few touch my heart, but McPherson’s art really do.

Next step is to draw an angel…


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