4 Mar

Isn’t dreams the most craziest thing a brain can come up with? On regular basis I dream about locations I have made up in my own mind, and they are so real that if you’d put me on that very spot in this instant I could start guiding you there!

One dream that tends to come back is a dream about an exotic location. This last night I found out that it was actually Hawaii I had been to for several years now. The most wild thing about this is that I have never ever even been at an exotic place. The most south I’ve been to was Spain, but it was in Oct – Nov 11 yrs ago and believe me, it wasn’t exotic at all. But this time, in my dream/trip to Hawaii, I went with my parents, and we somehow stayed at a cheep hotel that my father really complained about, so we left only after one night. I remember how I told someone: “isn’t it just cool that we’re on the other side on the earth from Sweden now? This is so unreal!”, and yes, it really is unreal.

Another location I use to dream about/go to is a city here in Sweden, located nearby to where I grow up. But the city is really changed and doesn’t quite resemble to the “real” city. In my dreams it looks totally different, but if you sent me to that place in this very secound, I could be your guide. The weird thing is that it’s not shifting form from time to time. The imaginary city doesn’t change, the malls are at the same locations and the streets are too. But still it differ so much from the real city. Isn’t that weird?

Time to sleep soon, maybe I’ll dream another strange dream then.


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