What surprises me most these days

10 Mar

I’m a person that is pretty aware of my own pet peeves, things I don’t like with myself and that might be annoying to other people. I really don’t know how many I have, or if other people even reflect about my “bad” sides, but unfortunately I have more than once came across persons who I feel dislike me for some reasons. Sometimes it is even so subtile that it’s only a feeling I get and I try to brush it off, but sometimes it even got so bad I heard stuff behind my back or even from a person who said it directly to me. The strangest thing is that when these occasions occur, the person always seem to complain on something totally else that I’d expect them to do, which automatically shows us how little we know about how we come across to other people anyway.

I’m not going to boast about myself in this blog, but at least I feel I have come a long way if you compare to many others, in that sense I know my weaknesses and how to either work with them, or simply hiding them.

What surprises me the most these days:

  • People who always tend to have quarrels every time you’re invited to their house. Why do they even fight and why don’t they just get a grip of themselves when they have guests coming over? Leave the immature fights after the guests have gone home, or ask yourselves why you even are together, if all your communication is built on fighting. There is nothing more uninspiring than getting invited to a couple that will constantly put each other down in front of everybody else.
  • Ppl that gets somehow stuck in the teens for the rest of their lives. Teens will always be teens, and that is really okay. But if you left the teen yrs behind a decade or more ago, you should just might consider stop listening to your parents, peers, boss (whatever) and get a grip of yourself. There are a surprisingly amount of ppl who don’t even have their own values to trust, and they don’t even seem to want to have it, but always hide behind what other ppl think, or might think, or what they will say, or… oh, well…
  • …and also we have those who are the total opposite and simply won’t listen to what anybody has to say. “I’m not taking shit from anybody, I’m doing this and that and you just have to take it because I am what I am and I will never change”. Zzzzz….
  • And all of us have these kind of persons in their lives, right?: An example; a slim, beautiful girl walks pass you and immediately your friend will say. “Well, she sure thinks she is something… but she’s not even that good-looking… hmpf!”. And this is almost exclusively most common along women. Men often doesn’t even reflect about other men, am I right? A handful of insecurities are behind that statement anyway, but how surprised I get every time that ppl willingly will bring this out as it is a pure weakness, and indirectly saying something like “Well, she’s good-looking and I am ugly, and I apply all my insecurities on her and hope that I will feel better about myself, saying this”. And if you really think that woman was that ugly for sure, why’d you even say it? It’s not like it matters in this world anyway. And yes, we can all say this occasionally, but when someone says it all the time, it’s both wearing me out and scares me.
  • Adult people that bullying each other at work. I won’t even go there…
  • I want to colour my hair blonde and already heared several ppl’s protests. “It’s not going to suit you at all” was one of the things I got to hear. Another one asked me if I really was serious about it. So what if it doesn’t suit me, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. Seriously, what are ppl afraid of anyway? That I get blonde and stupid? Come on…

I’m going to be blonde, beautiful, radiant, nice, caring, loving, open-minded and happy, just because… it makes me happy. If other ppl don”t want to embrace the joy of living and explore other opportunities that come along with openness, it’s not my problem. Just don’t put it on me.


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