Yesterday’s rest and today’s work

18 Mar

At the university again, administration service for the students. The big aula is cold today, and how dull to look out of the window and watch the ice and snow on lake Brunnsviken, that usually is so beautiful in summer. I’ve been enjoying Brunnsviken and its surroundings, Kräftriket, for 6½ years now. Ever since I came to Sthlm this has been one of my absolute fave places.

I like that Haga is near too. Fascinating to know that on the other side of this lake, Haga Castle is the home of the Crown princess of Sweden and her spouse, Prince Daniel. Wondering if they are there today? Nah, probably out doing some representation of some kind.

Also, today is work at the Korean dep 9 – 13, then off to Rönninge/Salem to do some training at the gym before I have a meeting at the work at 17 o’clock. Hopefully will be home at 19 or so.

Tomorrow I will finish my application for a job at the English dep. Hope I’ll get it! It would really suit me fine I think.


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