My name is still not Inga…

20 Mar

… but half my hair is blonde now anyway.

I got several reactions of it actually, some positive and some mild negative, and some out-lashing. I’m thankful for all the nice comments I get from people, esp my former Korean teacher who said that this hair colour is the best I’ve ever had, haha.

But still so amazed how only a HAIR COLOUR can cause such reactions among people. Those things never happened at all when I dyed my hair from light brown to rich red! So I guess that blonde still has a negative reputation about it, that I have to handle. And I remember what they once said in a girly glossy magazine app 10 years ago, which I still remember; if covardish, don’t dye your hair blonde, simply because you’re going to stand out.

But how dull to simply follow convention anyway.


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