Age issues

4 Apr

Met a colleague at the gym today, so we worked out a bit together and talked about some pop cultural phenomenon like Facebook, Playahead and some other communities. Me myself and I never did have this Playahead, simply because I felt I was too old for the community back in the days, but 10 years ago I had Lunarstorm for a while in order to stay in touch with all my friends that was scattering all over Sweden and the world. I guess that’s pretty similar to Facebook but somewhat more juvenile.

My colleague then asked me when I had my Lunarstorm since I talked of it being juvenile and I said I had it a while after I finished Senior High School and he gasped at me and “How old ARE you, Linda?”. I looked at him and: “Thirty this December actually!” and he went “Oh, really… Wow!”, haha! So I also found out he’s 10 years younger than me, and his birthday is in December too, so he’ll be turning 20 and I 30. Weird… 😉

One Response to “Age issues”

  1. Patrick April 5, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    Even though the annoying communities from the beginning of the millenium did approximately the same thing as the annoying social networks of today, people seem to be unable to stick to something unless it can be considered to be “in” at the moment…

    First it was Lunarstorm, then Playahead (which I’ve never tried either), then it was MSN, now it’s Facebook… what will the next trend be, and how long will it last? 😀

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