New training schedule

4 Apr

Today I’m starting my new training schedule, a 8 week long schedule containing exercises for all parts of the body, looking like this:

  • 10 min warming-up on the treadmill, running
  • 6 exercises for chest, shoulders, arms – called the A schedule
  • 6 exercises for legs, back, abdominal area – called the B schedule
  • 3-6 set, 6-12 reps with a weight 12-14 of your max (RM)
  • 5 min cooling down on the threadmill, walk
  • Stretching 10-15 min

Doing this 5 times/week. A week could for an example look like this: Mon: A, Tues:B, Wed: REST, Thurs: A, Fri: B, Sat: REST, Sun: A

Today we’re all going to the gym, but for a hundred years ago we let the machines do the job. 😉 :

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