A whole lot of junk (in da trunk?)

5 Apr

I just can’t stop watch what I would like to refer as “junk TV”. I’ve always thought of myself as an highly intellectual, but I am not ashamed that my relaxation in life is about junk. Junk TV, glossy magazines, fashion, obsessions about pop music etc etc.

I love watching “Entertainment now!”, “Americas next top model”, “Project runway” and many more. At the moment I enjoy watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” actually, simply because they remind me of “The Osbournes” which I loved too back in the days. But anyway, nothing will ever come close to Ozzy, he’s the best. Even my dad loved to watch that show, just because of Ozzy.

For those who’re not familiar with the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”; it’s about tabloid protagonist Kim Kardashian and her kinda crazy Hollywood family. Very enjoyable even though they’re not half as bad as the Osbourne family, haha.

Also I had a while when I watched “Miami Inc” and “Hogan knows best”, the latter one about the former wrestler Hulk Hogan and his life with his family. Strangely enough, Hulk then seperated from his wife since 23 years, in 2009. Not so good for the show? Nah, Hogans daughter got her own show then, called “Brooke knows best”. I’ve never seen it, but a pretty wild guess is that stubborn Brooke throws it back in her father’s face a bit since she in the first show always fought against her father about who was the best knowing one.

I guess I’m a kinda sucker to those celebrities documentary or something. So know I’m gonna take a cup of coffee and watch the last episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. 😉


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