Be friends with your body

14 Apr

The more training blogs and glossy magazines I read, the more TV pros and advertisements I see, the more I realize we live in a society where nobody seems to be friend with their body in a way that also includes the soul. The fitness magazines provides us tags like “get a slimmer tummy in two weeks” or “how to lose weight fast”. Those quick solutions is only taking care of the outside, but is not nurturing/mending the inside.

How about exercising because it is doing your psychic abilities much stronger? Along with movement comes endorphins, the lucky subject. And also you get more mentally stabilised. When you can see the joy of training and exercise, no matter what exercise you do, you will also be able to see your body in a different way, and be proud over what you can accomplish with it. Your body is a tool for you, an avatar that if you take control of it you will see its abilities.

Don’t over exercise, don’t push your body to an extreme limit, listen to the body and you will see that the body listens to you. And when you are done with this, you can start reaping the benefits of exercise in a pure cosmetic way.

You just have to feel at home in your body first…


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