I am

30 Apr

I grew up to be a person I love and respect, this is the way I always dreamt of as a child. I always wanted that special feeling, and now it’s happening. And no, I won’t tolerate more shit, out lashing and stupid ideals from people. I am not the one you perceive me to be anyway, and even if I were, why would you care anyway?

If you have nothing constructive to give me, then get lost. And by the way, the stuff I always wanted to say: I moved on, but the rest of you all seem to stand still. And so be it. Because I love and respect myself now, and you should too. But in the mean time, just leave me be. I’m not like you, and I never will be. I don’t share your ideals and your topsy-turvy way of perceiving the world. I am a protector of the weak, but not to those who bite my hand off…


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