FL Studio 10, Wave Lab Elements 7 and Lee Castillio

1 Jun

Seems like I tend to blog here nowadays only once in a week. I better shape up! Anyway, I must give a quick review of the week that went by too fast.

Last blog was about we got FL Studio 10, and I must say it’s really really great. I highly recommend it to all the amateurs out there. You can do  really great sounds and make it professional. Just will take some time for me to learn it, but Antoine is already the master. 😉

Also, we went to the music store last week and got Wave Lab Elements 7. We used to have Wave Lab before, but that was an old version and also not compatible with our new laptop. This new, simple version, is really easy to use and sounds great.

All this made me continue with my song, which has now turned out to be a dub/R&B/pop-song. I think it will be great when finished! Can’t wait ’til it’s released. Btw, made my own ReverbNation page. You can check it out here! Keep yourself posted and keep out for the brand new song and the extras that will be released there in a couple of weeks! I’ll let everybody know when time comes.

Also wanna say big thank’s to my producer of this track. Even though I record a lot of sounds, pianos, synths and stuff like that myself, he is the one who puts everything together and make it fab. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, to the “Threnody” project that was set aside! Packe, I’ll E-mail you today. 🙂


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