The trip to Valdemarsvik

7 Jun

Me and Antoine took some time out and went to my home town during the weekend. Long time, no see. We did plenty of stuff, visited family and relatives, went out on excursions, BBQ s and so on. The most memorable sight for Antoine, I guess was Månskensberget with the view of Valdemarsviken. Amazing weekend and beautiful nature. Almost forgot how beautiful. We also went out to Fyrudden, in the Valdemarsvik/Gryt archipelago. Since this is a Swedish blog about a Swedish girl’s thoughts and life, I feel I want to focus on the nature in this one. So… enjoy!

My parents’ house. The  brown small house on the side, is my own cottage. So… In Sthlm I don’t have much, but in Valdemarsvik I have my own house. 😉

In Fyrudden, in the Gryt archipelago just outside Valdemarsvik

On the countryside, the house beside my brother’s house

Månskensberget, the mountain of moonshine. Antoine is impressed with the view


Valdemarsvik, my hometown

The beautiful sun set

The night sky


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