I’m on it again

13 Jun

After having a real dip in my training I started again for real. I don’t really know why I let myself go for so long, since training being one of my greatest interest. Last week I endured 4 workouts, weightlifting and toning Mostly. And how inspiring! But oh, the sore muscles… 😉

I think I’m doing this for 2 reasons; looking/feeling good for myself. …OK, that’s not the whole story, I wanna look good and set an example for other people as well. I know I’m probably not the most good looking girl in the world, but at least I can say with great confidence that:

Heck, I look really GOOD! 😉

All thanks to good genes, training and the confidence it gives.

I decided I will go for Body Open this December. It’s an open competition that the fitness magazine BODY is holding, and for me it’s just for fun, but also could be a measurement how long I could take this. Just hope they won’t say I look like crap. 😉


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