Preparing for next week’s events

18 Jun

Tomorrow I’ll be at work 8:30 a.m. ’til 2:30 p.m. And guess what, they gave me no lunch break! My colleges were upset over this when I went by the work to get my keys today. “It’s not okay, you have to let them know!”, they told me. Well, gonna mail and do some complaints about it. I’m sure it’s due to an administrative mistake it became like this, but it’s not okay anyway.

So when this Sunday is over, I start preparing myself for a really hectic week. On Tuesday one of my in-laws is having a birthday *fika. So to choose and buy a gift is a really hard task also. Then, I have to start prepare a little for a wedding that me and my fiance is going to on Saturday.

The day before, Friday, is “midsommarafton” (Midsummer’s eve) and we are invited to some friends for BBQ. So, home early on midsommarafton in order to get up early for the wedding. I’m gonna be sooo prepared, and dressed to my teeth. And by the way, it doesn’t end here. Home pretty early on the Saturday evening and up early in order to go to my niece-in-law’s confirmation on Sunday. And yup, great going to church after a wedding party! I better not drink too much there in order to be representable both in the church and at the fika that is afterwords. I’m gonna stumble into bed when this lovely, coming week is over! 😉

Note: *Fika. Fika is a Swedish way of describing a meeting situation/talk over a coffee/tea and maybe something to eat. A very common Swedish phenomenon.


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