Matrix So Silver

10 Jul

Since trying to find a silver shampoo to a decent price being an extremely hard task to accomplish, I suddenly found a place where to buy it to 75% off than at the hair dressers! Matrix So Silver is the item I’ve been looking for, for quite a while now. Found it in Sthlm C last week, but dropped the bottle as soon as I lifted it from the shelf. 249SEK (39$) for a shampoo! So I searched on and they gave me a tip of visiting, where they had the same shampoo for 99SEK (16$). With shipping and payment charges it was a total of 168SEK (26$). A good deal if you ask me and really affordable. Also, if you order for over 500SEK (78$) from that site you get free shipping and it will be even more affordable.

At least it’s a good thing to try Matrix So Silver even if this might be the only time I buy this item. I’ll let you know more about the product and how it works as soon as I get it in my mail box!

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