Long time – no posts!

6 Aug

Lately I’ve been quite busy. Actually, this whole month has been unusually packed with events and stuff! Almost no time for blogin’, but now I’m back!

Big events that happened lately was; wedding in the north-west of Sweden. My friend Anna married her fiance HaSeok and we were in Dalarna for about 4 days. We even got to make a trip over to Norway on day 3. More about this later, and also some photos.

Then my parents came to visit us here in Sthlm and then me, Andreas and Tidus went along with them to my hometown of Valdemarsvik and stayed there for almost a week. The visit was amazing. We went at a boat race in Linköping, went out on the sea with my parents’ boat and also we went out in the beautiful archipelago of Tjust that is south of Valdemarsvik. Pics of that too is coming up soon.

Also, trying to start up my old/new hobby of making jewellery. Not anything fancy, but starting up in a small scale.

Yesterday we went into town to get some stuff, but also got stuck in a sort of sightseeing, which is not hard to do when you live near this beautiful town of Stockholm. Today we’re going to a BBQ at my brother-in-laws. Gonna be yummy as usual I hope! 🙂

The resume is finished. Now we’ll continue on from there!


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