Trip to Tallinn 28/9 – 2/10 – Day 2

8 Oct

When day two finally came, the ship cast anchor in Tallinn’s harbour, the Sadama quarters. Coming out of the terminal and onto Estonian land might not have been the greatest experience, it was all grey and dull and also some beggars along the way even though they were few. I later learnt that of course they were at the harbour, since tourists were everywhere. The rest of Tallinn was not like Sadama.

We came to our hotel, Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, and could leave our bags in a luggage room although check-in-time wasn’t until 3 o’clock Estonian time. Also we could check in in advance, but had to come back later of course. Very nice staff indeed and the hotel was 4 stars. So we went out in the streets to discover Tallinn, and first of all we saw a Soviet relic from the past, just behind our hotel by the water; the Linnahall. Linnahall is a concert and sports venue that was built in 1980 when Tallinn held the sailing event of the Olympic Games which Soviet/Moscow held that very year. This venue is abandoned as far as I can understand, and is somewhat decayed. As a whisper from the past, it stands there near the moist ocean and is nowadays both holding a heliport and a harbour for Linda Line – nice name indeed 😉

After this interesting view of Linnahall we went to The Old Town, got something very cheap to eat and then head on down town. The “newer” part of Tallinn is in my opinion very scattered. You have a supermarket here, a mall over there and then you have to walk some distance, take a tram or a trolley to the next mall just because there is no city core. You can really tell that this town is somewhat “new” in that sense. Also, those big corporate buildings are everywhere, like to my surprise, SEB – The Swedish Enskilda Bank has a enormous building just across the street from Stockmanns. Also there were Swedbank ATM’s in every corner.

We went to some malls, visited Reval Café in the mall Viru Keskus, which also had an entrance to Kaubamaja (funny name of a “store”!), and they served the most delicious coffee. Viru Keskus and Kaubamaja is Tallin’s answer to a more fancier mall like NK or Åhléns in Stockholm. Also they have a mall called Solaris, and that maybe is more like Sturegallerian or something. They had a great bookstore on the upper floor, but ofcourse being in Estonia, most books were on their language, but fun anyway.

Later on we went to check in, and the room was absolutely fab! After resting and taking showers, we went back to down town and had dinner on the restaurant Vapiano. I had a pizza and two glass of wine for 9€ only, which is a real bargain. After that we went back to the hotel, got down in the lobby and had a glass of wine and drink there before going to bed. 2nd day was over.

The stairs of Linnahall

Middle plateau of Linnahall

Turn around and see the old meets new

Vabaduse Väljak, the freedom square

Andreas at Reval Café in Kaubamaja

Our room at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. High class!

Dinner at Vapiano



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