Matrix So Silver – A product review

11 Oct

I said earlier this summer that I was going to review the silver shampoo I bought from Beautynet, Matrix So Silver, so here it goes even though a little late.

I tried it out several times during summer and at the beginning I couldn’t really tell the difference at all. My hair was a bit yellow-ish, but still it didn’t really help me to get it more pearl blonde, so I gave it up for a while. In summer, my hair got naturally more blonder by the sun, and then I tried it again and it got a little more lighter, but yet not much. Tried it a couple of times, even leaved it in the hair for 5 min or so in the shower before rinsing it. The only thing I noticed is that the hair seemed to be a little bit darker, and then I stopped using it because I thought that the schampoo, that has a dark purple colour, was colouring my hair.

Then I bleached my hair again three weeks ago and then I used the schampoo again a week after that, and guess what? Yup, the purple colour got somewhat stuck in my hair and I had to rinse it 3 times before it was completely gone! I looked like a complete dork.

So what is my recommendations? I say, skip this shampoo! It might work, but seems to depend on what hair type you are. If you want lighter hair, then put some more bleach in it, because it is the only way your hair is going to be really blonde. Or, go out in the sun and bleach it in a natural way. This product is really expensive, and for me it was not worth the money. I could’ve gone to H&M and bought a dress for the money instead. 😉


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