VibraLash Mascara from IsaDora – A product review

14 Oct

Finally, when you didn’t expect make-up going technique, there is this mascara that will vibrate the colour onto your eye-lashes? Well, I consider myself never really interested in those kind of gadgets but had to buy this when on sale, as the cheap skate I am!

For only 50SEK (6€) I got a brand new mascara AND vibrator, isn’t that a catch, haha? 😉 Joking aside, this mascara has 3 speeds that will help you apply the product, but as for me it only tickles. Especially at 3rd speed. You choose the speed by pushing a button on the end of the cap. How could anyone apply at 3rd speed when all my eye want to do is to shut itself?

I’ll use this product without using the vibration, so for me it’s definitely worth the money. So I say yes to this product simply because it was on sale, but I’d never ever buy this at full price.

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