Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Spray- A product review

24 Oct

As every store in town seem to have stopped selling my fave product for my hair, the one I used for about 5 years or so – Sunsilk’s Leave-in, so I had to find something real fast to replace this. So I found Schwartzkopfs Gliss Hair Repair Balm Spray for a descent price at the local supermarket.

First of all, it’s a spray. Feels a little uncomfortable to put this in your hair when you used leave in balm before for about 5 years. And therefore you can not shape your hair as you want it either. When you spray it, it tends to get all over the place, on carpets, furniture and floors, if you don’t wanna go outside every time you washed your hair.

I discovered to my greatest fear that Gliss Hair Repair and our linoleum flooring is not a so good match, as both me and my fiencee almost slipped on the floor after I sprayed my hair. It got slippery and we both looked like Bambi on ice!

And to kill the product entirely; it makes the hair static, even thought a smooth feeling. Maybe this product is not made for Scandinavian air or hair. The only thing I really like about this product is the smell; it smells nice, even though it might smell a little to much for my usual taste.

Sunsilk, please come back! I heard from a rumor that Coop Forum is the only supermarket that actually sell this product nowadays. Can it be true? Somebody going there soon? Love/A girl with clear hair issues 😉


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