Swimming instructor course

28 Nov

Been a little lazy with my updates last weeks, this mostly due to working and taking a swimming instructor course. Yup, you heard me – I’m gonna teach people how to swim! But first I had to do some parts even before I could take that course.

Like taking this simpler “life guard test”, giving you this nice mark, called “Guldbojen” (Goldbuoy). Pt1) Swim 100 m free style, 50 m with lifebuoy, 50 m lifebuoy with a person in it. Max 8 min. Pt2) Swim 25 m with lifebuoy, length dive 5 m down to a doll and pick it up to the surface. Take the lifebuoy and swim back 25 m. Max 1.50 min. I made first part in 4 min, second part in 1.50 min! Sheer luck, haha.

So last Saturday and Sunday and this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, me and a colleague went north of Stockholm to another Medley center to take this swimming teacher course. Very interesting indeed, even though I didn’t enjoy being under water at first. And by the way, never will dive down to 4 m in the pool, but I didn’t have to do it ’cause they can’t force you anyway. You’re never going to teach the children to do it anyway, so… Anyway, much all-round stuff but very informative. The theoretic classes we took was also very good. And now this theoretic part of the education is OK for me. I never thought I’d make it before I went there. It felt like climbing Mount Everest. But now it’s done, I’m dead tired today and going to soft for one more day before I go to work on Wednesday.

What is left is 40 hours as an apprentice, and after that writing an essay before I can get my license. Probably will happen in Feb/March sometime.

Next Bondi Beach Life Guard? 😉

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