Getting better

28 Dec

Where did I go, and why did I went down that road of illness this recent month? I’m a 30 year old, healthy and physically active woman who eat her vegetables every day. But despite all these facts, I’ve spent my December being really ill.

It started on Dec 8 as a sore throat and it was like that for a couple of days, got worse and my body started aching really severe. A week after I got ill I started having a severe cough. It felt like I would cough my lungs open. Got worse and got feverish 1½ week after I first got ill. 2 weeks after I got sick I went to the doctor, I could hardly stand at my own feet then. Since I’ve never been sick for almost all my life, I don’t even remember when my last visit at the doctor was. They took several tests and also took some blood, and guess what…

I had caught PNEUMONIA!

Yup, that’s right. Me, not being the real candidate for that kind of disease, but anyway. I got medicine. I’ve never in my life had medicine before. Got home, took the meds and the next night, there we were again. I got side effects from the medicine, my lips got swollen and I felt something on my tongue. So last Thursday morning I went to the doctor again. And guess what happened on the way; my lips swell up in only a matter of a minute and also my fingers started swelling up as well! Panic at the doctor’s, they had to get me into a room for observation. Luckily, nothing more happened and after that the doctor came. He changed my meds and sent me home without really any answers.

So I got home, and my lips got suddenly swollen AGAIN! Called an independent nurse and she said I’d need to go to the emergency right on, because the swelling could get worse if I didn’t get treatment for it. So my brother-in-law was kind enough to give me a quick ride to the E.R. Well, there I got examined, I showed the meds I got before and also the new ones, and after that they gave me a fizzy cortisone drink and antihistamine pill. After that I could go home. This was Dec 23.

The cough was still severe and also the fever was high, but on the way down. The new meds seemed to work and I got really better and better.

Today is the last day of taking the meds and now I feel really well actually! It feels like it’s been a thousand years since I first got ill! I’ve lost so much time, so much money and X-mas was totally lost as well. Got really great X-mas gifts thought! 🙂 Now looking forward to the new year and hope it will bring more joy than this last month did!


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