The security aspect of being a swimming teacher

2 Feb

The importance of teaching security to children who’re taking swimming classes is immense. In my opinion it is something important that you should do already from the age of 4. You should introduce safety to the children at an earlier age of course, but when they are 4 years old they should be taught serious matters and they should also be able to answer up to a certain kind of level, like what you must think about if you go out on the ice on the lake in winter, what to know about being on a boat and what you should think about when going bathing. There are certain rules you must teach the kids and they should be able to answer if you give them some questions about them. But kids will always be kids. Last week I got some really tough questions and also a conversation with 6-years-olds that went something like this:

Me: “Why should you not call for help if you don’t need it?”
Kid1: “Then people won’t know if you need help or just kidding”.
Me: “That’s right!”
Kid2: “You can sink to the bottom of the lake and drown!”
Kid3: “OMG, you actually drown if you sink?”
Kid2: “Yup…”
Kid4: “I heard you can sleep on the bottom of the lake! Fishes do that!”
Kid 1,2&3: *gasping*
Me: “Oh no you can’t! You can’t sleep on the bottom of the lake, you’ll drown! Why won’t you better sleep at home in your own bed instead?”
All kids: *laughing*

If somebody tries to sleep on the bottom of the lake, make sure you’ll use this to save’em! 😉


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