Maybelline Watershine Gloss – a product review

21 Feb

Lately I have been buying loads of great stuff and one of them is actually Maybelline Watershine Gloss in the colour 130 Frosted Melon. I bought in on a sale and it was only 29SEK (4$/3€). I must admit, I am a real sucker for these shiny glosses, but having a hard time finding the perfect one at the right price since I ran out of Juicy Tubes and finding it too expensive to buy a new one! Just gotta say to all my fans, LOOOVE Juicy tubes. So now you know what to buy me in gifts! 😉

Anyway, this Maybelline Watershine Gloss is really great since it makes your lips look both luscious and bigger. It stays on okay, but as all glosses it tend to fade after 30 min or so (unless you eat and it will all go away in an instant!). But even though it fades it still looks great on you, if compared to a lipstick that will look cheap if you wont better it on. The colour 130 Frosted Melon is also looking fresh along with a tan and will actually go along with any eye make up, so I suggest you go out and buy one of your own!

So fresh, am I right?


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