Book Review – Eye Candy by Linda Mason

15 Mar

Lately I’ve been looking for some really great make-up books that are both tutorials and inspirations, but found out that they are really hard to find. So when I bought some books over the Internet I came across a book that I thought sounded great; Eye Candy by Linda Mason. Everything with beautiful eyes and candy is nom nom for me, so I bought it and got it delivered yesterday.

So what to say about it? Well, as a starter, the book is divided into different chapters, but all in all it’s about an introduction and then there are tutorials/inspiration pics to different eye make-ups. I think that the introduction is pretty okay. Mason brings up all the good stuff that a beginner should know about eye make-up, but nothing more than that. Having a hard time agreeing with her on some spots, but okay anyway.

But the more I turn the pages in the book, the more surprised I get. Here is a woman who is a professional make-up artist and worked for Lancôme, Helena Rubenstein and also making up the models doing big runway shows, but still the make-up inspirations pics are crap?

Yup, you heard me. Crappy, rubbish, poorly preformed eye make-up. I’m really sorry for all the fans out there, but I have nothing else to say. Out of 50 different eye make-ups I found 3 somewhat interesting. So why all this critique? Don’t worry, I’ll have them listed for you.

First of all, who on earth took the pictures? Some of the pics are really blurry, has totally wrong lightening, feels like taken with an old cell phone, and so on. If this is supposed to be a professional book from a professional make-up artist, why on earth won’t you at least get some good shots?

Second of all, the models in the book doesn’t even have a proper base. Some of them doesn’t even have a concealer under their eyes and look like they just got out of bed after a heavy night, took their finger, dipped it in the first random eye shadow they could get out of their bag and then tadaaaah! For those who I so far haven’t convinced, wanna see some pics from the book?

Like, what is this anyway? A very beige shadow on top of no base what so ever? And then a red eye-liner? Sorry, but I personally don’t get why this look is in a book of inspiration…

She’s a very pretty girl, but the make-up make her look like somebody gave her a black eye or something. And on top of that, no concealer under the eye or base what so ever.

What to say, the colours are hideous and I don’t know anybody who would wanna look like that. It’s not even artistic.

Another one I just don’t get. Red/bronze shadow and nothing more except mascara on the upper eye-lids? If you look closely you can also see that some of the eye-shadow got stuck in her eyes as well, which is a real beginners mistake.

Well, well! One of the few I really found fresh, artistic and inspirational.

To actually be fair to Linda Mason, I must say some of the eye make-up wasn’t that bad, but they’re just not an inspiration! I guess to her defence, she must’ve chosen the wrong people to work with or something; but all in all it’s not an excuse for not making it properly.

My advice to you all out there who was thinking of getting this book: don’t waste your money on this book! There are many professionals and amateur make-up artists out there who have fantastic blogs that you can read and get more inspirations from instead.


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