The Hair Hysteria – (or an idiots guide to good hair)

19 Mar

I was in the shower yesterday when some thought came over me, the same thoughts I had a couple of times now that still remains in my head: us girls (and guys?) and our hair issues. First of all, is anyone really satisfied with their hair? I think I’ve never met anyone who’d say they wouldn’t wanna change their hair in some way. It’s the wrong colour, too thin, too thick, too long, too short, never grows, grows too fast, etc.

Well, what should we do about those hairy (and scary?) issues, in times when you get overwhelmed by all this hair products out there? I have an episode to share, of what some people seem to do when the hair totally takes over their brains.

A year ago or so I visited a blog and found that the blogger actually was obsessed with growing her hair. She claimed her hair was torn, split ends, never grew, she regretted so hard she cut her hair before because it never grew out again properly. So what did she do? She’d heard of a hair tip from some other blogger or whatever, that you should stop washing your hair with shampoo because it ruins the hair. Also not to wash the hair more than once a week – with only conditioner (?!). Yup, sure is a hard task, but she recommended to let it take some time in the shower, loads of balm and then it would be okay – you’d soon get used going around with greasy hair at the end of the week, but hey! The hair might grow! …I don’t know what the outcome of this actually was, but hope she started to wash her hair properly again soon after. I’m having a really hard time believing that washing your hair twice a week with a decent standard shampoo and conditioner would totally ruin your hair.

Up to a year ago before I cut my hair off, I had long, thick hair and to be honest with you, I’ve never done much to make it stay that way – it’s just the way it is. Some people have thick hair, some people have thin hair that just won’t grow past a certain length. I guess I’m rather lucky in that sense, simply because so many people want it.

Okay, at the moment I’m growing my hair from being really short, and right now I actually feel how thick it becomes. Also, my hairdresser said I have many hairs, so lucky me. Always when I go to the hair saloon, they always compliment me for my hair, no matter how bad I’ve treated it. Like this fall, when I had bleached my hair about 12 times in 7 months, she told me: “I can’t believe you bleached your hair at home so many times and still it looks fab!”. But really, that’s the worst thing you could ever do – and don’t ever do this at home, kids! 😉

Well, should I end this blog with sharing my secrets for keeping the hair as fab as it was when in was long and raven black? (As in the picture). The truth is I used whatever I could find in the shower, for example Clearasil shampoo and some conditioner like Sunsilk or whatever.

The most important thing is to not be such a cheapskate on the conditioner – I take loads, but not in the scalp – the hair gets greasy fast then.

Also, they say to never comb your hair when wet, but I always did (and still do)! Usually I let my hair dry by it self, and does not often use hair dryer, but when I had long hair I did it all the time and it never broke anyway! I think what really saved my hair all in all was Sunsilk Leave-in Treatment. I’ve used loads of it for many years now, and hope they’ll never stop selling this product!

So, that’s my hair tip. I don’t have any really! What about you other gals’ hair? Do you have any hair issues and tip how to avoid them?

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