My Second Hand Dream

20 Mar

I love clothes, who doesn’t? And especially I like a bargain. Before I also liked luxury clothes and could not really find myself interested in Second hand or vintage, but that changed over the last couple of years. I’ve made some real bargains, especially in my hometown, but also here in Stockholm.And you can find luxury clothes on second hand, if you are willing to spend some precious time in the stores!

Yesterday I went to a mall in order to get myself a wet suit for my swimming classes (and yup, I’m the teacher), and happened to end up in Stadsmissionen, a famous all-round second hand store for Stockholmers. Their slogan is like “From Stockholmers to Stockholmers”, which means that the money they earn goes to the people who needs it, in Stockholm.

So after buying that wet suit I went bargain hunting and found some real goodies. Both halterneck and all flowery.

Very special flower pattern. Love @ 1st sight I’d say! And a rather expensive brand as well… 😉

Absolutely adorable asian inspired top.

Do you all like to shop second hand too, and what do you think about it?


2 Responses to “My Second Hand Dream”

  1. meghanalfano March 20, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Second hand shopping is my favorite!!! You can find some pretty awesome things, and your less likely to show up to a party/event ect. wearing the same thing as someone else (which has happened to me before). My favorite find was a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress marked down to $20! You should check out Savers if you have one locally, as I always find a lot of really cool vintage dresses there.

    xo, Meghan

    • Lee Castillio March 20, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

      Hi Meghan! Thanx for posting! I dunnot have Savers nearby. I’m kinda new to this second hand world, but there are local stores and also we have a chain of vintage stores called Beyond Retro, but never found any nice stuff there. So over priced and all that. How lovely you found a Marc by Marc Jacobs! I hope I’ll get my hands on one of those super findings one day! 🙂

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