Today’s make-up – Rusty pink

31 Mar

Two weeks ago I got to hear something I really sucked in; the PT and professional fitness photographer at my job told me how lovely I looked in my make-up I had for the day, (You can look it up in this post) and that I should really suck it in because so many girls he worked with throughout the year who couldn’t even put on a easy and decent make-up. Well, that will change I hope, and really hope that more and more women get the courage to experiment with colours and beauty!

If I can inspire one single person, I am satisfied! 🙂 Well, this post today is for yesterday’s make-up, but lazy as I am I almost always put the pics up on the blog the day after. So here you go, a lovely pink and rusty fusion! Also I found out what I am missing in my make-up bag, and wanna go get it today, even though I went to Sthlm City yesterday. But more about that in another post!


2 Responses to “Today’s make-up – Rusty pink”

  1. Eryn Wong April 1, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    I just noticed you have beautiful lashes!!

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