There’s a new mall in town (again!)

2 Apr

These new malls keep popping up everywhere, especially in the suburbs. Actually there is not much more space left to build on in the inner city, but they manage to solve the problems anyway it seems, by taking over some old business halls and offices and so on and making it into new stores or malls.

This time there is a new mall been put up just north of the NK, Stockholms answer to London’s Harrods, and is called MOOD. It opened 23rd of March and contains loads of fancy stores, a couple of bars, cafés, bakeries, and other services like dry cleaner, personal shopper, etc etc etc. Anyway, you can read more about MOOD on their homepage (and yup, it’s in English too!)

I went to MOOD on my own this Friday actually. I didn’t really mean to, I just happened to stumble upon it after having a cup of coffee at NK. My personal opinion? I think MOOD is really fancy, you feel very welcome when you enter, but the price tag shows more than I wanna pay for. All in all the architects really got it when they built this mall, you feel like you are in a cosy and somewhat murky office building, except there are stores all around you. I don’t know what it is about the place, but I like the atmosphere of it. Surely going here more than once!

The bar in the heart of the mall

I ordered a glass of wine and got champagne by mistake! (and didn’t taste well anyway, so…)

The statue outside the mall looked like in need of a good ol’ hamburger with fries or something

Umbrella street just outside the mall

Makes me think about an ol’ Korean pop song called Red Umbrella

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