Breakfast Club Against Racism

11 Apr

Sometimes I have the tendency to make it a little more luxurious eating breakfast in the morning, and that’s when I grab a certain tray to keep my breakfast on; the multicultural “Rinkebyhäst”-tray (häst meaning horse and Rinkeby being a suburb to Stockholm, known for people of different nationalities living there), made by the artist Ylva Ekman. You can read more about her and her cool art at her homepage

The Rinkebyhäst-tray

Anyway, do you know where this idea comes from? In Sweden we have a kind of national trademark in shape of a horse, called Dalahäst in Swedish and Dalecarlian horse in English. Ekman borrowed this concept and made several different animals from all over the world in the same style, supposedly to represent all the different people and cultures that inhabit Sweden nowadays, and I think it’s a brilliant idea! How many different animals can you spot on the tray? 😉

Eating breakfast and thinking of all my friends from all over the world is a great thing. Sometimes it strikes me how many people that are in my life, or came in to my life at some point that are from a different cultures or countries

And as a bonus, me and that handsome Colombiano on a Darlcarlian horse during a visit to Dalarna this summer. 😉


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