Make-up Tutorial – Spring Flowers

27 Apr

Step 1 – Start with a blanc canvas/primed face. Prime your eyes and put a highlighter in the inner corner of your eye and on the brow bone.

Step 2 – Take a pink eye shadow and blend it into the highlighted area. Make sure you cover the whole lid except the inner corner of your eye!

Step 3 – Take a sharper brush and put a purple shadow in the crease. Blend it well.

Step 4 – Take a blender brush and put a black/dark grey shadow over the purple shadow and blend it up towards the brow bone a little.

Step 5 – Time for eye liner! I use a liquid fine liner pencil from Isadora.

Step 6 – Put a black/dark grey shadow on your lower eye lid. The best brush to use here is an angled brush.

Step 7 – Fix the shadow with a black pencil eye liner, also put some eye liner in the water line of your eyes – both up and down

Step 8 – Time for macara! I prime my eyes with a round of Express Star Lash Macara, let it dry and then take another round with Big Bold Mascara Super Volumizing. Both from Isadora.

Step 9 – Finish off your look with making something about your eye brows if you need to! Since my eye brows are very small and light ashy, I fill them with a dark brown brow shadow.



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