New spring shoes

6 May

This weekend I was a real spender all in all. I ended up with carrying home 6 (!) pair of shoes. Okay, 5 pair of shoes if you disregard the pink flip flops I bought for work that cost 29SEK (4.25$).

The first pair I bought were a beige pair of urban boots from H&M, reduced price with 90% on the sale (!), real leather – I just had to buy them. Had cost originally 799SEK/117$, but my price was 79SEK/11$. What a bargain huh? And yes, they are gorgeous! My advice is to wear them with a lovely flower patterned dress this summer, but you can always tuck your jeans into them as well. It never gets old.

Beige Leather boots from H&M

Next two pair of shoes are flat shoes that I really needed for summer. Those light summer days when you’re out walking or in the park, those shoes are really invaluable then. First pair are flower-patterned and bought in the kids department actually. The other pair are black and more rough.

Flower patterned shoe and black canvas shoe from Skopunkten

I also went into a training mood this weekend and decided to buy an extra pair of runners shoes, since I brought my other Nike shoes to work. Why on earth did I bring my best shoes to work then? Yup, I actually work in a gym and have the opportunity to work out for free. So those shoes became the shoes I wear inside the gym and I needed a pair for outdoors as well, so therefore I decided to buy a pair of Nike Air Span +7. Also that shoe was a real bargain, since being on 50% sale.

Nike Air SPan +7 from Stadium

What happened with the fifth pair of shoes then? Oh yes, they deserve a blog on their own just because of their supremacy. 😉


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