There Was This Dream Last Night

25 Jun

“There was this dream last night. In the flames I burned all my literature, all music from the past and the art that once was a part of my inner core.

I watched the photos of my dear friends a last time. What did I really know of them?

The night was silent but still I heard the cries of a million. I have always heard. As I slowly stood up the wind was blowing in my hair and she whispered something that brought a smile upon my face.  In that very moment the “I” was annihilated and replaced by the consciousness of “us”.

There was no center anymore of a selfish thought, only dynamic minds that was playing everywhere at the same time. Where there is no center, there is no core to be heavily infected with pain. From there, we walked into the light. ….”

-Andreas B. Castillio


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