Back on track!

18 Aug

Hi y’all! Long time no see, I just noticed as I saw my last post was from June 30th! :S Well, what can I say, this summer was hectic. Travelled abroad twice in one month and also went to spend some time with my parents in the south of Sweden. This between WORK, which has been outrageously hectic!

So these last two months have really been hectic indeed. I don’t really know where to begin, but I think I have to start with me and Andreas going to Tallinn/Estonia for a week, followed by being at my parents, and not to forget – me winning a competition and going to the OLYMPIC GAMES! Crazy stuff indeed. So keep yourself posted for the next post, so to speak! 😉

And oh, I should tell you also I got another gerbil in order for Tidus to get some company. Poor fellow was alone for so long, so I got him a 8-week-old kiddo to care for, a couple of days ago, and they seem to get along very well. ❤

A frosty, sparkeling champagne toast from me to you! Let’s do this again! 😉


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