Tallinn – Pirita, a stroll at St Bridget’s Convent

22 Aug

If you take the bus about 20 min or so from the central bus station and head towards the district of Pirita, you suddenly find yourself out in the woods! So close to the city, but yet there are birds singing and rivers flowing through the landscape. And in the middle of this, there is an old convent built in the 15th century, by the famous Swedish saint of St Bridget. (Heliga Birgitta in Swedish, or directly translated: Holy Birgitta)

Unfortunitely, this convent didn’t stand for very long due to war, but the ruins are still there, and therefore we went there to feel the atmosphere.

Who was this St Bridget then? She’s quite famous abroad, and in Sweden too, as being a very holy person, but in fact she was a really mean person; petty, barbarous and power-seeking. Okay, people in the medieval times went all in for Christianity, but she was rather using it to get what she wanted. She even supported the templars going over to Russia in their crusade for Christianity, and she even said something like: “If they don’t accept our religion as theirs, then kill them all!” and other niceties…

So St Bridget is not one of my favourite Swedes abroad so to speak, but still her convent is a nice place to visit, and to feel God’s present also.

To believe in God doesn’t mean you have to accept all the stupid things a single human says or does, no matter how much Christianity she says she represent…


One Response to “Tallinn – Pirita, a stroll at St Bridget’s Convent”

  1. jumpingpolarbear August 22, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    I bet it was even more beautiful when it was newly built :).

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