Spending time at work

12 Sep

Sorry for my hiatus, the autumn swimming classes and H20 training just started last week along with me working 75% at the moment. The first job I ever had as a permanent at a job. Now my work is mainly focused on swimming classes, both private and in school; also I take care of some H20 training. Really good workout that is lenient for your body, but at the same time gives you that workout you really want. The rest of the time, when I’m not taking care of the swimming tutorials and H20, my time is spent at the reception/desk/administration.

I really like my job. I like teaching children how to swim and to bond with them, also love that I get to exercise at work by taking care of the H20. In the admin, I meet at lot of nice people, and actually in the 1½ year I’ve been working here, I have only met a few customers that are really horrible, which I consider really great! Most of the people are uppy, positive and understanding.

But at the same time I’m confused. I dunno if this is it; if this is what I wanna spend the rest of my life doing. Well, I know I’m only 30 years old, but it feels like I have to have a job where I can settle down, and I dunno if it is possible to do this here.

At the moment I have a temporary post, replacing a person that has taken a break for ½ year in order to study at a college. So I’m not even sure how my situation will be after she comes back. Some weeks ago I heard her say that she is not coming back at all, she just didn’t tell our boss, but today I heard her say she is in fact coming back to work and will take a study break in order to get some money by working. I think it’s rather unfair because this person sometimes feels like she doesn’t even wanna work there, and I really am putting all my effort in the job, but she has the right to come back to her employment again and then I have to either go or lose hours at my job.

It is a thing that is in the future, so I just have to wait and see. My opinion about myself is rather strong though. I know that they can’t get rid of me, I’m quite confident about that. I work so hard, never complain, I don’t cause trouble and I am easygoing, so why would they?

Wow, this got really long! I didn’t expected it to be. Still reading? 😉 Anyway, did anyone of you people out there ever tried water training, H20? In that case, plz, feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it! I would really wanna hear about your experience! 🙂


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