Kitchen inspiration

30 Sep

Yup, I bought them all! 😉 The last couple of days I went shopping in order to re-invent our kitchenette. It was just so boring, I’ve had no inspiration what so ever in cooking lately just because the kitchenette looks like a tornado swept in!

So I decided I’d take a couple of shopping sprees at a interior design shop here in Stockholm, so I went “lagerhausing”. Yup, I made a verb out of a store called Lagerhaus, just because that’s what you’re doing. Lagerhausing means you go to Lagerhaus and is not satisfied getting one item, you buy all your items there just because they are so modern, designed, funny and also quite affordable. 😉

So now, our kitchenette is adorable, cute and quite retro at the same time. Actually our apartment was built in the year of 1954, so it feels kinda funny keeping it a little bit retro.

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