Lars Wallin’s dress for Cinderella

26 Oct

Last Friday I first went to our head office for a meeting, and by chance I read the metro paper on my way there and saw an ad about the Swedish designer Lars Wallin, and that he was going to have a public viewing of his beautiful dresses at a fancy mall. I’ve absolutely loved Lars Wallin’s designs ever since I was a teen and saw a beautiful dress that he made for the actress Izabella Scorupco in the mid-90’s.

So this day he showed a dress for a theater show about Cinderella. I was gazing at it at a distant at first, but after swallowing my starstruckness a bit I approached him and asked him how long it took to actually make the dress, and he answered it took him about 3 weeks, with a little bit of help from his assistent as well. Crazy. But I love the dress, and I just adore Lars and his creations.

Ebba Hultkvist (Cinderella) & Lars Wallin.

Photo: Metro Mode

A collection from Lars Wallin


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