Tax free shopping

20 Dec

When I went to Åland, I kinda celebrated my 31st birthday by going wild in the tax free shop. Bought some gifts for X-mas, but also some really nice stuff for myself. I was kinda spoilt by myself I think.

002 - Kopia

1) Silver earrings from decibelle. 2) Pink clutch bag. 3) Juicy Tubes from Lancôme, Fraise no 17. 4) Eye Shadow Palette from Viva la Diva, 48 shades. 5) Versace Miniatures Collection, 5 parfumes.

I just love Juicy Tubes, but as the cheap skate I am I didn’t buy one for years now. But now I’m on it again! Also, I tried 3 of those parfumes from Versace before; Bright Crystal (pink), Yellow Diamond (yellow) and Versense (green). They’re really a big favourite. I tried Crystal Noir (black) last weekend and I must say it’s rather heavy and reminds me about some upper class lady in fur, haha. So that one won’t be used that much. Just have to try Vanitas (gold) now.

Also, the shadow collection from Viva la Diva is rather great, but you have to apply it with a brush if you want it to look good. If you apply it with one of those cheap smudger brushes you get within the package, all shades will end up on your cheek instead of on your lids. Anyway, great colours and much pigmentation for the price!

And yup, the clutch bag. I just love it. So fancy, and so ME.


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