DIY – Fancy Lee Castillio jewellery designs

1 Jan

I was craving for some new jewellery stuff in order to make my own DIY, so I went to Sthlm City and bought myself a whole bunch of pearls and other stuff. Totally crazy, the final bill made my jaw drop. Crafts/handiworks are so expensive in Sweden. When I go to Tallinn next time I will take my time and money and spend them on crafts there instead simply because you get more for the money and also a greater range of stuff.

Anyway, I have been dreaming of making a really fancy necklace and earrings for some while now since the fashion stores tend to make so dull stuff at the moment. I want colour, I want vanity, I want VOGUE, not H&M. But to a decent price. Except from the necklace and bracelet I also made a pair of earrings, but don’t have a decent pic of them at the moment. Anyway; this is the result from yesterday (Click for a bigger pic):

019 - Kopia 021 - Kopia 001 - Kopia 003 - Kopia

One Response to “DIY – Fancy Lee Castillio jewellery designs”

  1. Lee Castillio January 22, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    Reblogged this on The Last Fashionista and commented:

    A bracelet I made when I got inspired from a magazine. Think it was from Dyrberg Kern. Made one by myself by czech glass beads. Looks pretty fancy, doesn’t it?

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