The Stockholmian Perspective – How To Gaze Into The Sky And Find The Architechture

26 Mar

I have some favourite subjects to photograph; myself (haha, egoistic. outfits, make-up etc), my pets (two gerbils) and Stockholmian buildnings, especially the top of them along with the sky.

003 - KopiaThe old sign of The Nordic Company – Nordiska Kompaniet (NK)

004 - KopiaAlso outside the NK; the sign states that here at the NK you could both leave and send telegrams and phone long distance calls

005 - Kopia

The NK Clock. The sign on one sign and a clock on the other

006 - Kopia

The big NK sign on front of the building

007 - Kopia

Business quarter from the 1950’s in the heart of the city

008 - Kopia

NK front

010 - Kopia

Early 20th century buildings in Sveavägen

011 - Kopia

Old meets new in Sveavägen


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