Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

27 Mar

This weeks challenge is Future Tense, and I thought hard and long of what I wanted to present for kind of photograph that symbolises this.

022 kopiera - Kopia

Outside The Swedish Red Cross’ second hand store in Södermalm, Stockholm

Then I came up with an idea which I developed during those last two days when I went bargain hunting in Second Hand stores. I found so much great stuff, for almost no money at all – loads of brand new clothes, that people just gave up simply because they consume over their needs. So this Monday and Tuesday, when I came home from my second hand shopping, I thought to myself that this is it; I will save my money and the environment in the future, and at the same time some of these second hand shops give so much back to the community by helping people who’re having a hard time both socially and economic.

More people should do overcome their fear and prejudices of those kinda stores! More of my second hand bargains in another forthcoming blog!So this is my contribution; a pic I took this Monday, during the time I ran myself ragged between different second hand stores. Future Tense: Save the environment, save your money and help people in need! The Swedish Red Cross. Click on the pic in order to make it larger. More Future Tenses you can find here.



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