M By Madonna – Madonna <3 H&M

22 Apr

M_for_madonna_fashionHMIn 2007, Madonna launched a clothing line for the Swedish brand H&M. Back in those days I was really broke, being a student and paying really high rent for my apartment and so on, so all I could do was window shopping for those things.

But this Friday, lucky me got my hands on a dress from that collection as I went second hand shopping in one of my favourite second hand stores. All of a sudden, it was there – the right size and looking brand new! I bought the dress for 80SEK, about 12$. So this one is really my new love of my wardrobe! Hadn’t had the time yet to take photos of myself in that dress, but to get a glimpse of it I provide some press pics.




One Response to “M By Madonna – Madonna <3 H&M”

  1. Viola Vamp April 26, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

    Wow vilken tur! Superfin klänning verkligen!! Jag har en skinnjacka samt en body från den kollektionen. Bär dem med andakt. 🙂

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