Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

3 May

Culture, the very essence of mankind. Also a tabooed word in many parts of the world, also in Sweden. What is culture, and how is it made? Is culture something that is connected with a country, national group and state? There are many questions and somewhat mystique around this notion.

But whenever I think of Swedish culture in a Global perspective, I’d like to present some pics of a Swedish tradition; Midsummer. Last year during Midsummer I went to the middle-west of Sweden, almost on the border to Norway, and spent a weekend in my in-laws cottage.

Ofcourse it’s a tradition to go and watch the local celebrations there; erect the maypole/midsummer pole, children dancing around it and also the local folk dancers preforming some traditional dances. Very nice indeed, and something that is really worth while to watch simply because the dancers seem to get older, and the young people are not really interested in bringing the tradition forward. How many years ahead will we be able to watch this traditional spectacle?

Also, wanted to show you the pic of me in my first home made midsummer wreath! Took me a couple of hours or so to make and was really heavy! 😉

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One Response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture”

  1. John May 4, 2013 at 12:22 am #

    Great photos, and you look awesome! I suppose it isn’t politically correct to have culture these days as doing so goes against the push for a one-world order.

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