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Training Instructor Gala

1 May

This Saturday, I went to the training instructor gala that our company gives every year, and since I’ve been a water aerobics instructor for only a year it was my first time meeting with all the instructors around south Stockholm area.

And how exciting I knew I was nominated in two categories; “best rookie” and “best rising star”-kinda category. And I actually won “best rising star”, with the motivation that in a short time I’ve developed fast and become really good as an instructor, popular amongst the customers – always happy and active, with a positive attitude. I had to make a speech, not prepared. But very happy about the nomination and that I won! Also got a goodie bag filled with many nice stuff! 🙂

I feel really content and happy about myself and the things I accomplished in such a short time!



How I look today as a proud 31 yr old

19 Dec

It took some years and hardships to gain that confidence. Some people never understood it, it didn’t come for free, but here I am now, and I’m damn proud about it. Sending all my love to all you tasty women out there who know what it’s all about! 🙂

leecastillio kopiera


Spending time at work

12 Sep

Sorry for my hiatus, the autumn swimming classes and H20 training just started last week along with me working 75% at the moment. The first job I ever had as a permanent at a job. Now my work is mainly focused on swimming classes, both private and in school; also I take care of some H20 training. Really good workout that is lenient for your body, but at the same time gives you that workout you really want. The rest of the time, when I’m not taking care of the swimming tutorials and H20, my time is spent at the reception/desk/administration.

I really like my job. I like teaching children how to swim and to bond with them, also love that I get to exercise at work by taking care of the H20. In the admin, I meet at lot of nice people, and actually in the 1½ year I’ve been working here, I have only met a few customers that are really horrible, which I consider really great! Most of the people are uppy, positive and understanding.

But at the same time I’m confused. I dunno if this is it; if this is what I wanna spend the rest of my life doing. Well, I know I’m only 30 years old, but it feels like I have to have a job where I can settle down, and I dunno if it is possible to do this here.

At the moment I have a temporary post, replacing a person that has taken a break for ½ year in order to study at a college. So I’m not even sure how my situation will be after she comes back. Some weeks ago I heard her say that she is not coming back at all, she just didn’t tell our boss, but today I heard her say she is in fact coming back to work and will take a study break in order to get some money by working. I think it’s rather unfair because this person sometimes feels like she doesn’t even wanna work there, and I really am putting all my effort in the job, but she has the right to come back to her employment again and then I have to either go or lose hours at my job.

It is a thing that is in the future, so I just have to wait and see. My opinion about myself is rather strong though. I know that they can’t get rid of me, I’m quite confident about that. I work so hard, never complain, I don’t cause trouble and I am easygoing, so why would they?

Wow, this got really long! I didn’t expected it to be. Still reading? 😉 Anyway, did anyone of you people out there ever tried water training, H20? In that case, plz, feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it! I would really wanna hear about your experience! 🙂

Best runners buy for summer

4 May

I’ve been gazing at this product for a while now, since I like the idea of looking fab while training. So this last weekend I bought this Adidas W Snova Skort skirt, which is not just a skirt, but having a runners shorts underneath. I just can’t wait to use it when training outside this summer!

adidas Performance: Löpning/ADIDAS W SNOVA SKORT från

Today’s make up – Pretty in pink

15 Feb

Somehow I’ve come to love the pink and purple part of my eye make up palette, and this was actually the first time I used that really deep pink colour, which I found to be a favourite! As for today I settled for only making my upper eye lids and lashes since full make up tend to get messy at work. But hey, just because you only do a “boring” every day make up, it doesn’t mean you have to hold back the colour explosion in the eye shadow!

Also get loads of comments about how brown I am, and I have to admit I’ve put myself in a tanning bed lately. Not much though, since I tend to get brown very fast. Never turn red in summer, except from when getting burned really bad in the sun, but it almost never happens. But anyway, bad to do the tanning anyway, I know…

Girls with curves, be legends!

15 Dec

After seeing both pics and vids from the annual Victoria Secret’s show, for the first time in years I actually felt quite uneased actually, seeing the models getting skinnier and skinnier. I know, I know, there is so much talk going around about that anyway, so why would my opinion really matter? But the fact is that I’ve really been a victim of this industry myself as an former over weight girl, hating my body simply because there are so many skinny girls out there in the media, on the catwalk and in the streets. So I know how young girls might feel when they see those slim models.

I could rabble on forever about this subject, but restraining myself simply because so much want to come out at the same time, so I’m going to be brief about this subject. I’m just wondering; Where are all the girls with da curves? You know what I learned throughout the years?

That many other women wants to see slim and slender women, but men wants to see women with curves. But women with curves, they are dangerous, because they’re sexy. And that, my friends, is not okay in the top model industry. I heard several times, they claim that a curvy girl is having a hard time to disguise her sexiness, with breasts and bum all over the place. Well, that’s narrow minded actually, and in my opinion it all depends on personality, not on the body. Slender girls can be sexy and provocative in that way too.

Every girl should have the right to be proud of their body, no matter the shape – don’t let model industry decide whether you’re sexy or not. Show off all your lady bumps and be a legend! 🙂

Picture of me from this summer. I love training, but would never loose my curves anyway.

What boobies are YOU? ;)

16 Sep